1. a positive mental state of being completely zen within that no ones negativity or disagreeing opinions effect you.

2. an act of just "going with the flow".

3. When the aura of a person or thing "disinfects" all the bad vibes around them/it and leaves behind a sense of good energy, content, and happiness - effecting those near by in a positive way.
1. "Never met anyone who is as febreezin as him."

2. "You worried about that parking ticket?" "Nah, I'm febreezin through it. We see what happens. "

3. "Grandmas cookies really febreezin my anxiety."
3 a.) "Ya you like Rachel cause she febreezin that ex out of your mind!"
3 b.) "Wow Pauly brought the febreezin vibes we needed on that dance floor tonight."
by Mocha Latte Sauce February 6, 2021