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A generally a really nice guy , needs more confidents, very funny in a whitty way, can be pushy at times but when he is sorry he trualy does mean it, he hates being mean and will not hurt you on purpose, stand up for people but will not get himself into truble, sound , good mate, loving, kind , mumbles when unsure of himself,
oh hey its fearghus !
by excitement(: December 06, 2010
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Better respond to the nicknames 'Fergal', 'Fergy' and/or 'Fergalicious'. They are sweet, caring and very affectionate beings. But find great amusement in homosexual and racist jokes though would never say them in a real life situation. They are happy and peaceful - commonly their nature is resembled to that of a Koala. Their happy nature does hide an intense and passionate hatred of onions, peppers and honey. They do not appreciate staying inside for long periods or time but are very agreeable to cuddling.
If you find a Fearghus, you shouldn't let him as they are wonderful friends and make for excellent boyfriends (even if a little bit forgetful at times).
'See that Fearghus there, jump him and climb him as a Koala does a tree'
by OreO21 October 28, 2013
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