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The name fazlie is a sweet talker. Normally have soft tan skin and good asian look. Can make any girl fall for him. Loyal with love. The partner will laugh everyday they're together. Can be a bit annoying sometimes. Will solve many of the partner's problems. A great cook. Great in gossiping !
A : i so want that man!

B : no bij that's fazlie. he won't look at u. He has a girl. Don't even bother trying.
by Katyytheruler January 13, 2018
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A sweet talker! He can make any girl fall for him if he is not careful. A great cook! He can be very rich if he wants to! Funny. He can make the girl he loves laugh to death! But this guy can be a bitch sometimes! Freakin annoying! He will pissed you off and make you love him at the same time. Very good looking with that soft tan. Can be very emotional too. Tips; do not bother him when he's moody.
Person 1 : Damn that girl did not just quit her job for being rejected??
Person 2 : yeah that must be fazlie's doin making her like him and says he didn't mean to.
by Katyytheruler April 24, 2018
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