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An falsehood married with opinion presented in such as way as to be possibly construed as fact.
One must understand the simple fact that nearly every thing presented by the Fox News Network can not be trusted. They are simply stating their fauxpinion.
by fauxmaster November 17, 2010
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a false opinion by one party given to another party in an effort to mask the sender's true opinion and/or cause the recipient party to feel a certain way about the sender and/or the sender's stated opinion.
Scott told Ali that he really enjoyed what she cooked in order to compliment her and try to get laid. Scott really just gave Ali his fauxpinion because he wanted to get laid. OR.... John argued for certain ideals and a over certain viewpoint in order to score points with this chick he was talking to at a bar. He really could have cared less about the topic and had differing views than what he projected at the chick, so he gave her a line of fauxpinions.
by eyeseeingall October 26, 2009
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