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Think you’re grown, try to act like you’re grown, but couldn’t rely on just yourself if your life depended on it.
My adult child is a fauxdult because he can’t do anything on his own. He might earn a paycheck but has zero budgeting or bill paying experience, so is broke before the weekend is up (when getting a check every Friday).
by Bruno41 May 16, 2018
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A combination of the words "faux" and "adult." Someone who has reached adulthood in terms of age, but still exhibits traits associated with youth or immaturity.

E.g. A 25 year old who has a job and lives independently, yet brings laundry whenever they visit their parents and doesn't maintain a regular sleep schedule due to late-night video game addiction.
"I realized I was a fauxdult when I had my own apartment, but only drank out of red plastic cups."
by throwawayfauxdult December 13, 2018
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