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When something is real, but it's fake at the same time.
Good actors are faux real because they can fake an emotion really well like it's real, but since it's acting, the emotion is fake! Faux Real!!

Pronounced "fo-real"
You wanna join the club FauxReal at UC Merced? We got some good actors in it!!

Dude, you're faux real.
by bananalicious! December 08, 2008
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Pronounced the same as "fo' real," this is a way to deceive people (especially friends, family, and co-workers) without their knowledge. Simply reply "faux real" and they think you have the same reaction or feel the same way as they do. In reality, you are saying "fake real," so you feel the opposite way but do not want to hurt anyone's feelings. Works well with small children.
Jan: I think these sweat pants look nice on my womanly curves!

Cyndi: Faux real, they do!!
by mockingbird21 November 19, 2008
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