A annoying heterosexual female who pretends to be bi because it gives equally annoying heterosexual males a boner.
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 13, 2003
Up until reading this urban-dictionary entry, I had no idea anybody other than myself uses the phrase "faux bisexual". I find the term a perfect fit for the demographic it describes.

A faux bisexual is a naive, conforming
girl who pretends to be bisexual because being a bisexual girl is currently considered "cool" in pop culture. It is a trend. Some people refer to faux bisexuals as "trendy bisexuals". The secondary motive for girls pretending to be bisexual is that they believe, due to pop culture, that many or most guys enjoy and are turned on by watching girls engage in bisexual activity.

Many faux bisexuals are so deep into pretending to be bisexual that they actually believe they are, even though they are not.

It seems many people, regardless of their sexual orientation, have a difficult time with the definitions of "bisexual", "homosexual", and "heterosexual".

bisexual: a person who is bisexual is sexually and physically attracted to members of both sexes equally.

homosexual: a person who is attracted to members of their own sex.

heterosexual: a person who is attracted to members of the opposite sex.

example: a girl kissing or even "eating out" another girl DOES NOT make her bisexual. a person's sexuality is all about which gender of person--guys or girls--he or she is attracted to sexually and physically.

Refer to the above definitions. It is all about who you are sexually and physically attracted to.
There are plenty of examples around. If you are a young person and don't notice faux bisexuals, you need to open your eyes and observe the world around you.
by Caite_Bug January 15, 2005