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What fat people who try to lose weight get when they can't lose weight. A state of confusion, anger, and self pity. People with this disorder will despise fit people and sometimes even cry at night - some however just don't look into the reasons why they're not losing weight and complain, often giving the excuse "I have really slow metabolism" or something like that. Fatty confusion is 99% of the time primarily due to lack of knowledge on how to lose weight but in some cases people actually do have very slow metabolism or other disorders which prevent them from having an ordinary or low body fat level.
1. ...and then we departed and I went to the check out line and the clerk was like "OMG WHY!? WHY? WHY SO MANY EGGS!?" and I"m liek "its not that much it'll last me like 2-3 days tops" and she's liek "wha!? why? WHY SO MUCH WHY DO YOU EAT SO MUCH!?" and I"M like "well I'm trying to put on weight" and she's liek "your trying to put on weight yet you buy fat free cheese?" I'm like "I wanna put on good weight not fat weight" and ramein happens to be right next to me in the same check out line with his mom and is like "lean body mass..... you definitly know what your doin you put on a SHITLOAD of size.. and I mean ALOTTTT of size since I remmeber you first started lifting.." and his mom looks at me and goes "oh no another one.." and I"m liek "what?" and she's liek "its so hard living with him he eats so much!" and I"M liek "hahaha ya so do I he really eats alot?" and she's like "TONSSSSS!! he doesn't stop!" and the clerk was like cuase she was really fat and didn't undedrstnad why this kid ate so much and his body fat was so low..... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! - Taken from the memoirs of ReSpAwN DeMoN
2. That bitch gave me the fatty confusion look and tried to act all "ive got a more important job than you" on me.
by brendan November 21, 2004
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