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n. - your computer monitor; the visual provocation of curvy, well-fatted women afforded by the flattening, screen-filling 2-dimensionality of (SSBBW,BBW,plumper,frumper) porn but upon "removal" of said fat-goggles by the engagement of physical proximity to said body types in meatspace they are deemed too atrociously unmanageable, perhaps even smelling a bit rank, drawing leery glances in public from people of healthy weight if walking together, and having in some sense personality disorders proportionate to the extent of their obesity(never meet their family, they will fill your brain with the scum-scrapings from the bottom of the barrel of life)
You see that nigga's fat-goggles pop off when the heffer put the make on him? Bitch just kept runnin'. And he was the one that brought me to this BBW New Year's Blowout.

My fat-goggles are glued in place... fatties sho know how to party!

Fat-goggles are very similar to Size-goggles; size queens and porn stars have had their size-goggles raped into them at a young ergo biologically smaller age; that or they've been playing with their congenitally large vagina from a young age or took a biggie their first time out to sea and will never allow 90% of the male population into their hollow body for fear of being called "loose"; size-goggles are going around as a new generation of shallow females want the ego-gratification and existential redemption of "being good enough for the best (ie:largest) dong available"
by sadjitarius March 23, 2008
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