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a houston rapper from the S.U.C. (screwed up click). Big H.A.W.K.'s brother.
Its that fat pat whatcha know bout that
by htownsw October 01, 2006
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the name says it all. the most ugly, aggressive, fat, annoying, ugly, smelly school cook you have ever seen. she cant cook but that doesnt matter because she eats everything anyway. she has a niece who takes several of her characteristics (see emily easton) only god knows why anyone would have screwed her though!
run! its fat pat, she sat on the cat and made it flat!
by chris wheal May 12, 2004
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top ten in fattest athletes of all time. currently sits infront of gilbert brown, danny fortson, oliver pig miller, tampa bay, kevin gogan, and mo vaughn. child and product of king grease in his finest hours. truly, one of the fattest of the fat.
shea buckner x gm/ grease + (manster)9+ pizza goalie + 375 pounds= Fat Pat
by Mr. Know it all November 26, 2003
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