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A movement based around the idea that people can be healthy and beautiful at any size. The movement is generally accepted as having started in 1969 with the founding of NAAFA by Bill Fabrey.

Noteable groups in the movement's history include the New Haven Fat Liberation Front and the Fat Underground in Los Angeles, both of which were active in the seventies. More recently, NOLOSE (formerly the National Organization for Lesbians of SizE), NAAFA and the Council on Size and Weight Discrimination have been in the vanguard of the fat activism movement.

Some important figures in the history of the fat lib movement include Bill Fabrey, Karen Scott-Jones (now Karen Stimson), Aldebaran (now Sara Fishman) and Lynn McAfee.

More recent figures in the movement include Marilyn Wann, author of the zine Fat!So?, Nomy Lamm, author of the zine I'm So Fucking Beautiful, and Stacy Bias, founder of FatGirl Speaks, a grassroots fat empowerment conference held in Portland every year.
We're going to NOLOSE's fat activism conference this July - are you coming?

My ideas about body image and self worth changed when I became involved in fat activism.
by Somegirl May 10, 2005
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