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To exchange money with someone whether it be a cashier, friend, or lonely drifter in order to cheat them out of money by asking for change that is greater than the amount due.

Ben- Hey I just gave that guy a twenty for my share of the pizza and he only gave me six bucks!

Brett- Dude, you just got fastcashed!


You give a cashier a five and say, "Out of ten" sometimes they will not catch it and give you change for a ten. But watch your ass because sometimes you are the one getting fastcashed.


Paying unjust fees like taxes or feeling like you are being overcharged for something. If you feel uneasy about paying a fee, you can say you are being fastcashed.

by Brett Walden December 06, 2007
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1.) Forty dollars
2.) $40.00
3.) Two twenty dollar bills
β€œI have to stop by the ATM to get a fast cash”.


β€œDude it cost me 3 fast cash to fill up my truck last night”.
by Mopery June 25, 2010
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Fast cash is a money that you can earn in short time period without investment, special knowledge or education for it. Maybe the best known fast cash source is there is free e-book for 100 ways to make fast cash online
Hey man, you got any small job i really need fast cash?
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by 420seer July 11, 2018
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