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generally implied when you meet a girl named Lizzie. It is a generic form of endearment, as well as any other creative way one wishes to use it. It can imply hatred, annoyance, love, urgency, and anything you would like it to mean. It's a good conversation starter because no one will ever know what kind of fartu they are that day.
"hey, poop!"
"hey, fartu..."

"good morning loved one!"
"good morning fartu!"
by lizzielolz38 November 06, 2011
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The young of a fart, usually produced from unprotected exposure to beans, in the womb of the anus, especially in the later stages when growth can be felt throughout the intestines and colon.
Oh my god, fartus is due any second and im freaking out! why didnt i take a beano before i let all those greens into my body??
by BitchesAreShit September 22, 2011
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