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With roots in the Japanese Edo period (1603-1867), and popularized by the daily fart battle web site, FartBattle(dot)com, a fart battle is a flatulence competition where 2 or more participants expel flatus and a winner is deemed based on several criteria such as length, vibration, volume, frequency, smell, or dampness.
Why are you guys farting into your smart phones?
Oh, we're having a fart battle, recording our farts to be put up on FartBattle(dot)com for judging. We must settle this score!
by Scottopolis November 28, 2013
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when you are sitting in class and a fart comes along, but you struggle not to release it. The ensuing battle between you and the fart is called a fart battle.

When observing one in the midst of a fart battle they can often be found making funny faces, and are generally enveloped in extreme focus. These battles are extremely dangerous, as the fart could at any moment explode and overwhelm the victim or those those around him/her.
guy 1 - dude today in math I had to fart so bad, it was so hard to keep it in

guy 2- i know what u mean, I have fart battles all the time
by fart battle master April 12, 2010
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