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Name hails from Sindh region of Pakistan and Maharashtra region of India. Farooqui's are known for courage of a Lion and are generally the middle to upper class elite in their respected regions
Bro look at that farooqui roll up in his beamer
by your mom1234546 April 18, 2017
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Surname for Sunni Islam converts. Name hails from Arabic word "Farooq" which means to distinguish from right and wrong is a reference to omar bin Khattab. Name originates from Saudi Arabia where Farooquis still rule the state, and are part of the administration. Today majority of the Farooquis are in Pakistan due to converts being from Sufi Islam/Converts from Chisti Sufism call themselves Farooquis too so do Shaikhs of South Asia. Farooquis exist mostly in Pakistan due to conversions and India. Few Parsis and Bohras exist too with the name.
"Look at that Farooqui roll up that beamer!"
by yourrealface May 08, 2017
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