a youtube video, 17 minutes in length that is a mocumentary about an american farm of emo boys. they do not kill their emos. they raise them.
"we have a few thousand acres here. about 4 or five head of horse, couple head of cattle, and about 17 or 18 head of emo on this fine emo farm"
by Nigel Vaillancourt September 10, 2006
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A story about emo black kids who hang out on an empty farm and play punk shows in the cornfields after dark.
Created by cartoonist and novelty designer Kelechi Azu, the Emo Farm project started as a coloring storybook and is now a web comic.
The story of Emo Farm is a tribute for black kids who wear their eyeliner smudged.
by C.F. Jay December 12, 2020
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