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A portmanteau of "happening" and "fap", the latter of which in turn is an onomatopoeia for masturbation. Popularized by the 2014 celebrity pictures hacking scandal, or "Celebgate".
The Fappening is the name that’s been given to the gigantic booty of sexts and other steamy photos that leaked all over the internet after first being posted on 4Chan earlier this weekend
by AGC195 September 02, 2014
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an event that occurs when someone on the internet releases a large amount of fappable or nude/semi-nude pictures of famous people.
"When those girls hit up the topless beaches in Spain, a great fappening will consume the internet."
by TJNR September 02, 2014
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Verb and noun
1. Used to describe the moment you see a girl's nudie pic, prompting you to do the knuckle shuffle
Tom: Dude, did Bertha ever send you those tit pics?
Jerry: Yeah man, just did, it's totally fappening!

Tom: Hey did you see Jen's pics yet?
Jerry: Yeah, weeks ago, that fappened already.
by Deucemaster September 24, 2014
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When a bunch of people start fapping out of no where.
Guy 1: Dude, were you at the party when the fappening happened?
Guy 2: Yeah, I started it.
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by iDubbbbbbbbbbbbbz December 08, 2016
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