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When a super fan of a particular form of media, such as a music group or television show, begins to obsess over said media to an extreme. These attacks are usually brought on by events like a favorite character dying or their OTP finally getting together (or in extreme cases breaking up - this is an extremely dangerous time). If you come across a fangirl/fanboy while they are having a fangirl attack, DO NOT ENGAGE. They are extremely emotional during this time and could even become violent. To avoid any unnecessary injuries, walk away slowly and leave him/her to cry in peace.
Boy1: What's up with her?
Boy2: She's having a fangirl attack. We'd best leave her alone before it gets out of control.
Girl: *crying in front of her computer screen*
by theinternethasruinedme April 05, 2015
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OMG I TOOK THIS QUIZ AND IT SAID ME AND MICHAEL CLIFFORD ARE A PERFECT MATCH!!!!! I think i'm having a fangirl attack!!! (Dies because stops breathing)
by OMG5SOS December 28, 2014
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