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A word used to describe an extreme fan of someone or something, when Fanboy/Fangirl simply doesn't cut it. Has nothing to do with the sexual orientation and is simply a coarser way of calling someone a fan.
He's such an FC Barcelona fangay, I can't stand him!

The Pokemon fangays in my school are so annoying!
by kreten January 10, 2016
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n. fangay

A fangay is the equivalent of a fangirl or a fanboy that refers to gay people (men usually) who are passionate fans of stereotypically "gay" popular culture and social cultures, activities, etc.

adj. fangaying

This word is not an offensive slur. It is not meant to be a synonym of the offensive way "gay" is often used.
It is often used affectionately in conversation by gay men, the girlfriends of gay men, and their boyfriends.
That guy is fangaying so hard right now because the new Barbra Streisand album just came out.

My friend Jack loves the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy so much. He's such a fangay.

My GBF fangayed so hard last night while we were watching Glee.
by November Black October 04, 2011
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