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The wrong spelling of the word famine, usually used by someone who cannot spell "famine"
Saffron:" wow them Irish really had a difficult potato famon"
Lukas:"lol wot"
by VinylHorn January 18, 2015
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Famon, description of the feeling of being without food by a large number of people and for a long time...(months or years).

Not to be confused with famine, which is the wide spread description of agricultural failure or crop failure condition of no food production.

Not to be confused with famished, which describes the feeling of an individual before eating for just a day or two and is just a euphemism for "I am hungry."
There was the feeling of famon throughout the land.
(Persistent hunger for a long time shared by large amounts of people, brings feelings of despair, hopelessness.)

I felt as though Famon had consumed by future.
(Use to describe a future with no satisfaction of living, or being. Only misery.)
by Geekster324324 December 30, 2011
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