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Thee coolest people you will ever meet in your school. They are very loud, random, and often break out in song. They have many inside jokes and know a lot of things other people would never figure out. They often rely on eachother and thing of themselves as there own little family.
"You guys are such Drama Geeks"
"Yea, that's why people love us"
by Drama_geek1 February 14, 2010
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someone who's life is entirly dedicated to drama and who is cool. a drama geek is unlike other geeks as they are able to blend in with the crowd. They are usually found in a school canteen, and their laughing is heard before they are seen.
by kathode December 15, 2009
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Young people under the false belief that they have talent. Neither aspiring actors or future playwrights, they are a just another self absorbed clique who due to having no physical, academic or artistic talent resort to poor man's drama to garner attention. They are typically characterised by an apparent character and charisma that is only ever spoken of by other drama geeks but is actually absent to the average outsider. Drama geeks are easily identified by their boisterous behaviour in public places, inability to mingle with outsiders and reverence to the only openly homosexual and/or man-hating adult who is their drama teacher.

Although it's rare, some will eventually dislodged their heads from their arses and go on to get a job or actually make some progress as a thespian.
Girl 1 "You guys are my family, the craziest bunch of people I will ever know, you are all so unique, talented and wild!"
Girl 2 "Oh my god we are such drama geeks!"
by Barry_I_Do_Not_Know April 15, 2014
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