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wanna be gangsta, wearing gang-colored bandana's (flags)and not part of a gang
pretending to be something your not
Look at that mothafucca with the blue flags on, That nigga aint no real crip, he false flaggin
by Ca$he$ August 08, 2006
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just cuz you wearing all blue an a blue rag don't mean you false flaggin. usher be doin that shit. you just accessorizin... if your hat is kicked to the left or right (however yuh local set may claim) it don't mean you false flaggin. If you wear blue an gray dickies, k swiss, an Locs you aint false flaggin.

You start wearin your pant leg up while doin that shit and stackin like you know some knowledge THEN you false flaggin. You wearin a blue rag an won't say the letter 6 and start crip walkin then you false flaggin. It's one thing to have love fuh yuh peoples and they set, but if you aint been put in an took the beatin, or put in some work then best not false flag. you could feel some hot shit from crips for doin it or get yours by someone who really think you a crip.
yo, why tre false flaggin wit his drunk ass?

nah cuzz, you see his head all lopsided, he got put in duh otha day.
by SIZZLLIN April 21, 2011
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