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(Verb) : when a person (usually female) acts in such a way as to indicate rejection because they misinterpreted your actions as romantic advances, despite the fact that to any sane third person observer, they would not be considered as such. People who falsely reject usually suffer from some form of narcissism and have an overly inflated view of themselves and hence this is why they tend to perceive the most innocuous actions as advances on them because how could you not be trying to get with them?
Boy- excuse me, do you have a pencil I could borrow? I forgot mine at home :/

Girl- no I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend already..
(In this case, the boy has experienced a false rejection)

Boy: Hey Amy, how are you!
Amy: Hey FRIEND, I'm good, how are you?
Boy: Good, just wondering if we could meet up to discuss our group project?
Amy: sure FRIEND, can we do somewhere public like Starbucks or something, yeah friend?

*boy thinking*: why is this bitch trying so hard to make sure I understand she sees me as just a friend? Does she think I'm trying to get with her? OH GOD...SHE DOES...FUCK...I'M BEING FALSELY REJECTED RIGHT NOW! Damn this conceited bitch!
by zerO_One May 19, 2017
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