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(noun) fallopes (plural), or fallope (singular) - A short-hand term for the Fallopian tube/s, specifically in reference to an obscene sexual act involving said anatomical region.

(adverb) fallopping - The act of sexual intercourse that involves inserting the penis into the Fallopian tubes.
"What's the deal with your mother's fallopes?" "How goes the fallopping? (adverb)" "Mike totally banged your mom's fallopes last night." "The vagina is irrelevant; it's all about the fallopes." "Stay away from the fallopes, you don't want an ectopic pregnancy."
by mariasfallopes June 18, 2009
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Referring to the more scientific term called Fallopian Tubes.

Mostly used in a jokingly manner...
"My period cramps are hurting so bad. Those damn Fallopes!"
by thegoldenchoke June 22, 2016
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