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An extremely hard and violent penetration manuver that remsembles the falcon punch of Captain Falcon in Super Smash Brothers. The man runs and leaps in the air towards the bitch and pelvic thrusts as hard as he can upon landing on the bitch, thus destroying her vaginal cavity. Upon performing this manuver, the man screams "Falcon Fuck!" CAUTION: This fuck could be your last.
I was tired of listen to the bitch whine so I falcon fucked her. It was the hardest penetration I have ever inflicted.
by Snake Eyes October 30, 2006
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Captain Falcon's aerial grab in Super Smash Bros. Can be performed in real life by wrapping your arms and one leg around an unsuspecting person. Must be followed by a simultaneous "YES!" and a pelvic thrust.
Player 1: Shit, I just got Falcon fucked!
Captain Falcon: Yes!
Player 1: ...
Captain Falcon: Show me your moves.

Unsuspecting stranger: AHHHHHHH!
Player 1: Yes! *runs away*
by fornicatia January 11, 2010
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