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The people who claim to be of the buddhist persuasion although are known to throw complete wobblies over absolutly nothing. often very insecure and extremely paranoid individuals. They do have a great talent for social manipulation in order to get things their way.

It can be quiet a frightening experience to witness an exploding hippy and is best done from a distance as the cavemanesque rage can result in flying particals of debris being propelled in ones direction.

It is roumered that the Fakist cult origins in the south east of England UK although it is a practise mainly persued by semi-crazed American celebrities.
Richard Gere is known for his political outbursts as a fakhist, Tina Turner has also been known for a flakey or 2 amidst her buddhist claims as with Tiger Woods and Gary Archer.
by the actual god himself October 25, 2009
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