A person that acts like soneone there not around other people and on social media.
They build a fake persona by mimicking others (usually fake cunts).

In reality they dont know who they are them selfs, and have little to no self worth with this they feel the need to be seen as something there not. Example: 1. Spiritual person.

(Something that defines who someone is), but there are clearly not.

They like to hang around other people that are also fake cunts. (Feeling of acceptance)

Social media is a huge ego booster for the fake cunt.

Attention seeking posts are quite frequently posted from fake cunts.

Being a fake cunt usually comes from deep emotions that are hidden from anyone else. (Chip on shoulder) (or carrying a burden)

The fake cunt is a more frequently seen occurrence due to the more popular growing social media platfoms.

The latest wave of fake cunts have started appearing since the early 2010's

Regular visits with a gp or psychologists is recommended for treatment.
'Hes a fake cunt bro'. ' haha look at this bitch, what a fake cunt'.
by fuk uuuuu July 21, 2018
Describes someone who lies their way through everything and gaslights everyone around them. Will also try and one up anybody they deem a threat to their image. Has a superiority complex and seeks validation by putting others down.
Look. That bitch has a fake cunt complex kinda like a KNife. Just backstabbing everyone and everything.
by Masternerd November 26, 2019