a faggot


Faggots have existed since the very dinosaurs themselves. But, of course, with time, through the break of different civilizations and world cultures, have taken different respectable “turns” in the wake of societal change and the emergence and disappearance of waking constructs caused by certain events and, revolutionary social endeavors into the thicket of norms and philosophical breakthroughs in maintaining human dignity. The fag and his identifier The identifier and the identified then, in this case of “faggot vs gay?” must be approached AT ALL TIMES with EXCEPTIONAL KNOWLEDGE. U go to a club, u see a lot of faggots. But what do u see at an actual gay bar then? Still faggots. But which are FAJEETS? You see, the gay club goers are huge and total FAGGOTS but do not IMMEDIATELY fall within the category of fajeets, faggots, persay. The particular type of faggot in discussion, the ‘fajeet’, and the word itself, are MOST commonly associated with the identifying factors based in 2021 and BEYOND… these have been the ultimate faggots so far. 2015-2021 faggots were more like fagheads. But since u gotta be nice now we call them “fajeets”. Kinda like fag, fajita, faggot, and fajeetz sounds funny. Sounds like a dbz character. Fajeet

Faggots of 2021 INCLUDE:


6 foot+ blond dudes with girl length shorts

I cant write too many characters but i hope the faggot who is reading this will get the idea
TIKTOKKERS TO REFERENCE: Noah Beck, @ikennaice, @ziascousin (girls arent discluded), @joshrichards, tony somethin, sam hurley, u get the fuckin idea hopefully. This should spare you MY WRITING

Look at that fajeet in his 5-inch above the knee shorts trying to break into my car

That fajeet thought he could hitch a ride in my car and fight with me in it at the same time

That fucking faggot should stop talking

Look at that fajeet, only caring about women’s faces

That fajeet has no issue explaining how horny he is

What a smelly fajeet

“Hey Bro do u Have a lighter ????”

Why does that fajeet sound retarded on text

The fajeet talks fast and makes no sense at all

That fajeet with the made-curly pompom hair thinks he can steal from me AND gaslight me AND ride in my passenger seat and tell me to drive and shut up? What a faggot? Huh? Hahaha

U might see a lot of these in college
by nitnas ogied August 13, 2021
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