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Sweet and beautiful girl. Smart and energetic type. It's hard to find girl like Faizatul
Faizatul is sweet and beautiful girl. Every girl want to be like her. She also smart in making decision.
by Azumaru December 30, 2017
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people who own this name is really an adorable one, yet he or she is so lucky to be the one who shines and never get dust. for those who know faizatul, you should be proud with yourself. this is so because faizatul is a very caring person that you will ever meet. but one thing that make faizatul weak in front of anyone is, she easily forgive and tend to hurt her own feelings by doing that. faizatul is a kind of person who has a talent in acting. and absolutely, her way of acting is just like, faking a smile although she is in pain so much. if you know this person named faizatul, terasure her and make her felt being loved. she deserve that after all of the pains that she had been through.
"learn from faizatul and you will know how to deal with your emotions"
by SmileWhileYouCan April 22, 2018
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name of someone who thinks too much.

has a few close friends, but is willing to die for them.

she gets along well with people from different walks of life,

but at the same time she finds it hard to trust people.

wants a guy who will make her want to improve herself, be a better person.

doesn't like to show affection incase of rejection or sad emotions in front of people.

loves her family even though she doesn't show it

has been through A LOT.

has issues, but who doesn't??

isn't afraid to identify herself as a muslim!
#rarename #faizatul
by Iris_beca April 23, 2018
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