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A Fairwin is someone who is sometimes a good friend, and sometimes not. Fairwin is very talented at the fundamentals of most hobbies. Fairwin is mostly a male and takes all relationships extremely seriously. Fairwin is constantly striving for excellence and boasts about all achievement. A Fairwin won’t be able to pleasure all women though. The fact that Fairwin takes relationships too seriously and litteral, Fairwin’s mate could either get annoyed with Fairwin or just becomes incapable of tolerating it. A Fairwin usually classifies as an over seas person, rarely ever being American. The majority of Fairwins don’t impress a mate with the size of their penis, rather with executing all of the little things Fairwin’s mate finds arousing. On average a Fairwin doesn’t have a big pennis, but Fairwin usually makes up for it with their tenacious attitude and loyalty for love
Oh wow this guy takes relationships very seriously , name must be Fairwin.”
by Defined w January 02, 2018
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