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What you say when you initially disagreed with another's opinion or behavior, but after hearing their explanation can now see their point of view.
Person 1: Why did you go to that lame school?
Person 2: Because they gave me a full ride.
Person 1: Fair enough.
by Woody10187 October 25, 2007
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A way of conceding a point, or admitting while you may not agree with someone's opinion, they are entitled to have it.
1. BroA: Dude, why didn't you take that job? The benefits were killer!
BroB: Maybe, but it was so far out, I'd have spent more on gas than what they were willing to pay me.
BroA: Fair enough.

2. American: Personally, I don't like the British, because the British don't like us.
Brit: Fair enough.
by TLV August 12, 2011
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OK, I agree.


That's reasonable, even though I'm not sure I agree completely.
"When you graded my test, you added my score incorrectly.

I see, you're right. Fair enough."


"I think think Stephen King's prose is quite a bit less effective than you think!

OK. Fair enough."
by kmphilosopher June 12, 2011
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Your opinion is wrong, but proving it will take so long and accomplish so little that I'm not going to bother.
I think the Red Sox will win the World Series this year.

Fair enough.
by GPF August 25, 2004
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A perfectly ambiguous response that provides no legitimate details pertaining to the question asked.
Girl: "We're gonna stop by later is that alright?"
Roommate 1: "Fair enough."

Some time later...

Girl: (*Barges in*) Hey! We're here!
Roommate 2: Who said you could come over..? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!
by otterpark May 15, 2014
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1. A statement in which the pronouncer neutrally accepts to having made a mistake, normally after having given instructions; a face-saving technique

"Take that Halloween mask off, it's creeping me out"
"This isn't a mask."
"Fair enough."

"This form is all wrong. We are at set 19A."
"This is set 18."
"Fair enough."
2. A neutral response to something weird, odd, or unexpected.

Mark is driving at night down a wooded road.

As he rounds the bend, a bird hits his windshield and rockets off into the night.

Mark calmly continues on his way and says," Fair enough."
by F.A.N.D.A.Y.R.E. September 06, 2011
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