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A common kind of feminism, that sees women as too weak and sensitive for normal adult interaction.

Fainting couch feminists often push for "woman as child"-laws. Trying to redefine rape as "sex a woman regrets" or claiming women can't consent to sex after a couple of drinks is text book fainting couch feminism.
Oh, she's not responsible for her actions? Typical fainting couch feminism.
by dondidit October 16, 2014
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adj. : Beliefs and practices that coincide with the "Third-Wave" feminist idea that people's feelings and emotions must be treated as delicate and fragile. Common on university campuses in the forms of "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces."
A: I thought the ghost of Martin Luther King Jr. was giving the commencement speech for the university.
B: He was, but since he discusses real equality, a couple white feminists felt he didn't acknowledge the "lived experiences" of black people. They felt this was triggering so they used a hashtag campaign to get him banned.
A: But i though universities were where people went to have the hard conversations, work through them and better society as a result.
B: They use to be, but since fainting couch feminism took over, they're just places young adults go to be coddled like children for $40k a year.
trigger warning safe space feminism third wave feminism SJW white knight intersectional feminism
by cb4mpnw January 20, 2016
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