A FAGBASHER is a homophobe who enjoys beating up homosexuals.Though probably harbours gender bending tendencies himself.
That FAGBASHER will be dodging spam javelins for the next 2 years now he's been done for kicking in that homo.
by hoedown November 17, 2004
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a person who likes to bash gay people because he is hiding homosexual feelings. A gay basher usually buys gay porno then jacks off to it, then feels like he has to act all hetero and bash a gay person.
fag basher: take that you faggot!
fag: why are you stroking my cock? shouldn't you be bashing me?
by AndreaCow January 26, 2006
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Kid:"dude instead of moshing tonight, lets fagbash some fgts."
Fat Kid:"naw dude why u wanna be such a damn fagbasher for.."
by HUMANfgt October 29, 2007
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