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Talking like a fag.

Also, it could mean saying things that are so ridiculously stupid, that no one understands anything that you're talking about.
Luke Wilson as Joe on Idiocracy: "I need for you to be serious here, ok? I need help."
Justin Long as Dr. Lexus on Idiocracy: "There's that fag talk we talked about."
by Kim Bradford July 02, 2007
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a set of slang used by homosexuals and faghags.
I can't understand Owen! He keeps talking in fagtalk!
by Rick Shroter November 06, 2004
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When words such as gay and fag are used in a derogitory fashion, or to mean something is stupid. Often used by homosexuals themselves in an effort to 're-claim' such words.
1: Science class is so gay!

2: Oh my God, you are such a fag.
by Britt March 26, 2005
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