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a black guy with big cock and ears.he also has a hairy body and doesnt clean his butt after pooping,he also like to masturbate using clorox
oh you're so fadli
by bear.lone May 07, 2018
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fadli is the most fun and great person to talk too, he may seem intimidating at first but once you get to know him, he can be seen as an outgoing, open minded person. he's very smart but he is also very lazy so his grade at school are decent. if he fully tries and not be lazy, i guarantee that he can be a top student. he can also be very arrogant when he gets what he wants, if he gets a good grade, he will show it off to other people and make fun of those who are below him. he has his flaws but other than that, he is a very fun person and easy to talk to. if you ever met a fadli cherish him and hang out with him, hes the best friend you could ever ask for
A : have you seen that guy? hes the coolest guy in school!
B : yeah,, his name is Fadli.
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by frrrreeeendd December 03, 2018
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