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A facetographer is someone who is under the false delusion that because they spent several hundred (sometimes thousands) dollars on DSLR camera of which they do not know how to use properly or refuse to learn properly, that they can take professional quality pictures. These people tend to start a 'photography company' page on facebook and convince people to pay them money to shoot horrible photography for ignorant and stupid customers. The typical facetographer usually reaches full denial mode when an actual professional photographer informs them of their complete lack of skill. They will go on a rant to that professional about how their photography is 'raw'.

Male Facetographers will typically claim that they are professionals in order to use naive girls in order to take racy pictures of them in an attempt to get laid. Female facetographers tend to believe that their use of facebook photo editing apps like 'Piknik' qualifies them to charge people to take their wedding pictures. AVOID FACETOGRAPHERS AT ALL COSTS.
This guy Louis on my friends list keeps posting all his horrible 'professional' photography. He's such a facetographer.
by Arealphotographer March 30, 2011
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