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a person who threatens or talks shit to people over facebook, but doesn't do anything when confronted in person.
Guy 1: This guy messaged me the other day saying he's gunna kick my ass, but when i tried to walk up to him today he ran away.

Guy 2: Wow.What a facebook warrior.
by d-wrecktion January 18, 2011
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Someone who posts on Facebook about all their ideals and causes....without doing any real work. They find a cliche post that someone else wrote and re-posts it, thinking they're part of the fight. But their post gets lost in Facebook's "previous post limbo", never to be seen again by anyone. They can be a part of millions of different causes without lifting a finger (other than their mouse clicking finger). Posers.
Did you see Mary's Facebook Warrior flavor of the week? It's called CABWHEL... I don't know, it has something to do with Cousins against Big Wheels or something.
by AtomikPop August 23, 2014
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Someone who constantly sticks their nose in other people's Facebook business with the intention of creating drama, threatening to come to the other person so that they can "handle it", and then never actually showing up to fight and settle the situation.
"I unfriended Molly because she's a straight-up Facebook Warrior now."
by thEwaTcher August 27, 2014
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Tell's girls that they're gorgeous, beautiful etc. on Facebook but face to face they don't talk the girl. They also take pictures of themselves in the mirror and often look like a complete cock but they don't know it.
"That dickhead said he liked her on Facebook but I've never actually seen him talk to her."
"Yeah he's a right Facebook warrior."
by I shake tree's for milk January 06, 2012
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