A loser that has no life that spreads hate and lies about some one a internet blogin cunt fag or bitch that dont have anything else better to do then make up wierdo shit and post pathetic hatin losers no life low life pices of shit
That loser facebook user is gossiping once again they should kill them self how pathetic
by confederate conservative June 30, 2014
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Somebody who goes on their computer and the first thing they do is check their Facebook to see if anything is new

They do this about oh I don't know maybe 30 times a day
This is also known as CFU. A chronic Facebook User when first tries facebook feels great but now A chronic just sits all day waiting for a reply on Facebook.
Don't get me wrong facebook.com is a great website it's just I don't want to become a Chronic Facebook User
by sakiv January 8, 2011
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