3 definitions by confederate conservative

A legendary loss of verginity that will be reminisced upon by the human race for years to come . A Eric stiffler is a rare occasion and should be considered a life acompishment.
Drake: dude did you hear stewart stole a bike and rode it 8 miles to meet a girl at the 50 yard line of our rival school and fucked her twice !
Marcus: yeah i heard man , hes A total Eric Stiffler !
by confederate conservative September 5, 2016
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A loser that has no life that spreads hate and lies about some one a internet blogin cunt fag or bitch that dont have anything else better to do then make up wierdo shit and post pathetic hatin losers no life low life pices of shit
That loser facebook user is gossiping once again they should kill them self how pathetic
by confederate conservative June 30, 2014
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Firdston: " pass . The . Meat"
Bean boy: " FYF"
Firdston: " get me water"
Everyone: " Fuck you firdston "
by confederate conservative October 13, 2016
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