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Person creates a new picture or pictures everyday and puts them on facebook. This making a series of show for you to follow. Props include any thing seen from day to day living. Make up and hair dye to go with the costume. So busy with their series, the person may neglect to see any type of reality around them.. if a whore, will not clean the house, because she does not have money to buy for cleaning supplies or instruments. Very dramatic postings will depict each scene of the day. Person will be sucked into their facebook show so much, they are absolutely insecure without the feedback to keep them artificially comfortable in their piggish sludge surroundings.
Tiff started her facebook television series "My God, I am a oog boogy doll and constantly lash out."

We all got to exhibit Benn's facebook television series. But towards the end we were disappointed to find strange articles of dirty clothing laying around in randomn places along with other various items.. also some very weird stains on a blacking carpet. Last but not least grudge and shit all over the kitchen...
by what the fuck seriously March 05, 2011
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