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An uptight and anally retentive individual who goes around reporting suggestive and offensive material on facebook even though they are free not to view such material.
Person A: "If you don't take down your group to end women's suffrage, I'm going to report you!"

Person B: "Damn, she can't even take a joke, what a facebook nazi."
by Plastikglass March 03, 2007
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Some who makes post after post after post on Facebook babbling on and on about their extremist views and tries to force them down your throat. If you don't agree then you couldn't possibly be right because they think they are the ultimate knowledgebase. Their posts are usually followed by a link that says "see 7 similar posts". They usually re-iterate what they have just seen on CNN or fox news and most posts contain words like "fearmongering", "terrorism", "economy", "Obama", "Al-queda", "Osama", "biological warfare", and other things related to world affairs and current events.

You know who you are. Facebook Nazi.
Damn, I just had to scroll through 50 posts of nonsence posted by one user. What a facebook Nazi.
by Whiteboyday February 02, 2010
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A person who goes out of their way to use their own opinion on what may or may not be rude to certain individuals. After their supreme review if the deem it offensive they will delete your post as if they are the lord of facebook.
Deleting posts that dont meet their satisfaction. Thus being a facebook nazi
by Iamlegend79 June 26, 2011
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Any one of the plethora of pathetic, bitter nerd moderators whose only means of feeling "big" is by deleting the profiles of people who actually DO have lives. This is usually motivated by a desire to "get back at" the type of people who used to beat them up in high school for being computer geeks.

These people tend to live in their parents' basements and masturbate while watching countless reruns of Star Trek.

They also tend to be severely overweight, sweat profusely, smell moldy, have acne scars, outdated haircuts and clothing, and frequently cry instead of sleeping (although when in groups together, usually while grazing, they adamantly insist that they are "cool" or "misunderstood").

None of these people were asked to go to prom, or anything else resembling a "date" for that matter. And nobody would miss them if they died of horrible, horrible ass cancer.
Why the fuck is it any of your business how many friends I have or how many times we message each other each day? Fuck you, you fucking Facebook Nazi!
by Leigh R August 30, 2008
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