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Facebook sucker is a person you hate who accepts you're friend invite.
you accepted my friend invite when it really was an enemy invite you facebook sucker.
by callmewhitey December 08, 2009
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People who you don't know add or request you as a friend (mostly men) because they think your picture is hot. They flirt with you in hopes of getting their dicks sucked (suckers) sending you hearts and flowers. Or they add you as a friend because they think you have "cool" friends and you know damn well that's why. When they realize they've been facebook suckered, they go to disturbing extremes to retaliate and call you a whore to all your mutual friends, They are so embarrassed they've been sucked, but not in the way they had hoped.
That bitch is my FB friend and I don't even know her.I thought I could get a piece of that hot ass and plus she had cool friends. Then the bitch has a boyfriend, even though I read that in her profile, and I propositioned her anyway, because she talked to me. Then she blew me off! So I trashed her and called her a whore to all our mutual friends, because I am ashamed to admit I am a "Facebook Sucker"
by Fake facebooker fucker November 09, 2009
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