1) One who is a worthless dad in real life but posts photos of them with their kids like; #lovemykids #kidsaremylife

2) A dad who spends more time chasing women than he spends time his kids.

3) A man who never contributed to his kids emotional, social or financial well being of his kids, now posts pictures of their accomplishments to facebook as if they had something to do with them turning out to be great.
His kid got into a great college thanks to his step dad

But most of his pictures are fun places without his kids

That fool never showed up to my school once, facebook dad
by YFinn May 12, 2014
A dad who typically spends all of his actual time hanging out with his friends and cars, but in the Facebook world is all "my child is my world!" And typically shares a picture of the two of them from his one night visit out if the week.
My dad was never around growing up, but noone knew that because he was the best Facebook dad around. His Facebook dad game was strong.
by An actual parent May 23, 2019