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An extremely unique name usually a female. This name usually is given to those who contain a enchanting magic. They are smart, charming, and very attractive. Faaria is to be feared, adored, and worshiped all at once. Faaria has tendencies to strive for power, and desires to be independent and controlling of themselves.
Faaria has no wish to marry when she is older.
by silly Duck November 29, 2009
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The name classifies significantly superior individuals capable of enchanting hordes of men and keeping ahold of their intests until they realize they could never match her brillance. At the realization men usually throw themselves at other less worthy woman, less clever and younger woman so that they can boost their confidence and avoid scuicide. The name has been believed of be ancestors of either godesses or fallen angels.
Faaria wa so drop dead gorgeous she stunned her all in her presence and proceeded to take over the world.
by Silly duck November 29, 2009
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