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An impolite term for rightwing authoritarians, particularly those who strongly supported George W. Bush's attacks on civil liberties (the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretapping, torture, etc.). These days, though, most fReichtards have had a magic change of heart, and will array themselves against almost anything that the Obama administration does, even something as minor as an address to schoolchildren. fReichtards, along with talibangelicals and robber barons, form the tripartite foundation of the modern Republican Party.

fReichtards are often carriers of severe cases of muslexia, to the point that they may see sinister Muslim influence in logos created by the Bush administration.
The baying pack of fReichtards howled in outrage at President Obama's nominee for deputy assistant press secretary, claiming that his father's brother's 2nd cousin's mother's father's best friend's former roommate had once said something nice to a socialist.
by Hann1bal October 16, 2010
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