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1. Keeper of yo peepers.
2. Beholder of Vision
3. The void that your eyeballs rest in.
4. Online gaming: Ownage/pwnage - l33t - got the better of you.
1&3. The little kid shot out his eye with a bb gun. All that remained was his eyesack.
2. That dood layed it down eyesacks style (after hearing his deep true words).
4. Some gamer: "Omg! EyeSacks is here lets try to kill him!"
System Msg: "EyeSacks has just sent Some player to the Lifestone"
EyeSacks: /flex "EyeSacks Flexes"
by EyeSacks April 30, 2003
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Describes someone who has pectoral muscles the size of mountains, chiseled abs that are like boulders, thighs that could break buildings in halves, hair that flows and shines like the ocean or someone who is just plain sexy.

Also is used as a common nickname for the name "Isaac"
Girl. Like omg. That Isaac. Is like. Turning into like. An EYESACK! :D

Oh. Em. Gee. I want to like. Touch his body.
by hilaryclintonismycrush02 October 08, 2012
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