Top definition is a little community of webpages controlled by a little fascist bastard living somewhere out in Diahrrea, Nebraska. You have the option to make a free page that will ultimately look like shit, no matter how skilled you are, and be flooded with ads -OR- for the low low price of $736.99 a month you can make a page that will ultimately look like shit that they sucked money out of you for(much like walking into Nordstrom).
However, among the countless and evidently POINTless pages, there lurk a handful of "elite" pages made by pompous nerds living on the outskirts of some bored town where everyone would blow their brains out if they weren't busy shooting deers. These pompous nerds try to get as much out of Expage as possible without going over the "character limit". Upon visiting their page, your first reaction may be "WTF L.O.L." because their page looks like shit. But, apparently, to them it is "elite". "Elite" SHIT. But don't blame them; they're just pompous nerds.
Beware, though, just because your page has been saved doesn't mean it will always be there. The little fascist running the site is determined (much like Hitler) to keep the server as CLEAN as possible and will therefore delete any site he comes upon that says "lmao" because we all know what the A stands for. And to help him, any site referred to him as inappropriate or offensive will be removed immediately. He doesn't even check it. And most of the time, the page is a normal page owned by a nerd with an enemy.
Websites made on are often referred to as Expages because they are so unique from other websites in the sense that they flat out SUCK.
Word of advice: it is spelled expage, not xpage.
Pompous jerk-off: "I made an Expage!"
Kid standing next to him: "You should be castrated."
by Binge January 23, 2005
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