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A powerful prolific movement headed by founder G. Craige Lewis, that changes the lives of others forever through the invisible power of Christ. A ministry that gives understanding and nourishment to the soul. This ministry has been criticized through vain babblings & murmmorings. In order to get a good understanding the messages must be viewed in their ENTIRETY. (The Truth Behind Hip-Hop Part 1,2,3 & 4)
In exministries, ex is the prefix that you put on the front of a noun to make it the opposite of what it once was. Gangbanger becomes ex-gangbanger.
by Engrafted May 16, 2008
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An online and Texas based ministry founded by G. Craig Lewis. He uses his ministry in an attempt to prove all hip hop (even Christian Hip Hop) is evil. He has named called other gospel artists such as Yolonda Adams and Kirk Franklin as being to secular for gospel music and basically evil. In addition to that, he also preaches against other ministry pastors such as T. D. Jakes. He fooled part of the world in an attempt to prove Jay-Z as a devil worshipper. In the song Lucifer 9 on The Grey Album Jay-Z's words were cut and pasted to say "6 6 6 Murder Murder Jesus". He claimed that it was a hidden message but it was actually a chopped sample by DJ Danger Mouse, The creater of the Grey Album. He failed to tell the audience DJ Dangermouse produced it and he has ties to his ministry.
Exministries uses lies and half truths to buy the conscience of christians and make sales
by Wayne M January 10, 2008
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