A specific type of transvestite, the executive transvestite is a male that likes to dress in women's clothing when the mood strikes, which can be quite often for some and more intermittent for others. The style of dress is more conservative than other types of transvestites, and thus will generally not include mini-skirts or revealing tops. Most are heterosexual, and can often best be described as male lesbians, whereas other varieties of transvestites are often sexually confused and ambiguous. As such, executive transvestites are generally less feminine than other transvestites, and the lifestyle can be metaphorically described as "running, jumping, climbing trees, and putting on make-up while you're up there."
Eddie Izzard is an excellent example of an executive transvestite, which is at the opposite end of the spectrum as the classic "fucking weirdo transvestite."
by klopek007 January 25, 2010
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