An inspiring new word invented by a redditor on March 23, 2014. The redditor was actually trying to spell exaggerated. This word was misspelled so horribly that when it was googled the only thing that came up was a link to the comment itself.

Literally. He is the only person on the internet to make this misspelling.

Other examples include "ananonumys"
It's a rare and beautiful thing to be the first person to do something on the internet, but when it happens the entire internet may initially excgarate its use.

It may eventually become an excgarated word.
by 4n7h0ny March 24, 2014
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A misspelling of "exaggerated" made in a reddit comment. It was butchered so badly that at the time, that same comment was the only result indexed by Google. Some suggest this was the first time the misspelling had ever been made online. Thus a new meme was born.
_selfishPersonReborn: Why is nofap ridiculed?
theoman333: Because its excgarated
feylias: Google this and your comment is the only thing that comes up.
everyone else: lol
by Ibyoki March 24, 2014
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To misspell something so badly, that noone else has ever spelt like that before.
Stop excgarating so much, Jim!

You just excgarated, bro.
by haydenhayden011 March 24, 2014
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Incorrect spelling of the word "exaggerated".

Term was originally invoked by Reddit user "theoman333" on Sunday, March 23rd 2014. This misspelling of the word "exaggerated" by /u/theoman333 was so horrendous, that upon investigation by /u/feylias, it was revealed to be the only time that the letters "e,x,c,g,a,r,a,t,e and d" had preceded themselves sequentially in the history of the internet.

In layman's terms, there was no evidence of the text "excgarated" ever being used on the internet, or possibly ever, before Sunday, March 23rd 2014.

Reddit comment in question: /r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/215f5y/why_is_nofap_ridiculed/cg9sfkw
On why subreddit /r/nofap is so ridiculed:

"Because its excgarated, there's a cult like mentality. They encourage abstaining completely, where instead limiting consumption is more benefitial. They claim abstaining gives "super powers ". As a former nofapper I can that it's true, but hugely exaggerated. I don't think there's anything wrong with the subreddit, as long as u don't take it and its members too literally." - /u/theoman333
by /u/unamusedpunk March 24, 2014
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